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After some time of renewals, fights and problems with some projects, we want to announce that the new short-film from director Luis E. Froiz is now online, for your enjoy!

  Best Of GCDayer


The compilation with the best of our artist GCDayer is now online, ready for you to enjoy. 30 tracks full of his very personal blend of pop, rock and electronic elements.

Visit page .

  GCDayer - Popsody


The classic album from GCDayer first published in 2008, Popsody, is now online. This is a reedition for a must-have Pop/Rock album with electronic elements.

Enjoy it

  GCDayer, 04/04/04 Lisboa (Horiginal. Gratis/Free)


This Friday, April the 4th, our artist GCDayer will play in Lisboa's Horiginal for free!

  O Morgado Tivo Un Prezo - Prólogo


Here it is the prologue comic version of O Morgado Tivo Un Prezo, the short film also distributed on this website, directed by Pedro Díaz in 2010. Written and drawed by Alejandro Almau, it will help you to understand a little more about the history between the Ferreira brothers, Mundo and Milhomes.

Enjoy it here!

  O Morgado Tivo Un Prezo


We have uploaded the magnificent short film directed by Pedro Diaz "O Morgado Tivo Un Prezo". Tragicomedy influenced by Sergio Leone's westerns but adapted to the Galician reality.

Watch it here.

  GCDayer - Say Don't - Look What!


We announce that a new album from GCDayer is online. It's the "Say Don't - Look What!" album, originally released on 2009. Pop/Rock with electronic elements, plus 2 bonus tracks in the downloadable file, not included on the Youtube version!

You can enjoy it here.

  Da Man Da Raíña Vermella


We are proud to announce that the short film "Da Man Da Raíña Vermella", directed in 2007 by Omar Rabuñal Varela & Miguel Corujo is already in our Netlabel.

You can check it out here.

  GCDayer - Nail On The Head


We are proud to announce that the album Nail On The Head, by GCDayer, is now released through our Netlabel. You can enjoy it here



We announce, in an official way, the signing of a quality musician as GCDayer by our Netlabel. In a few days, we'll start uploading to the web his works.

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